NO ORDINARY LIFE Book Review by Ambassador Princeton Lyman


Awakenings in the Final Days of Apartheid

Book Review by Ambassador Princeton Lyman


“Beautifully written with candor and sensitivity, evoking the highs and lows of that period, the impact on Mary and her colleagues of constant tension and worry, and the challenges in her marriage as both she and her husband become more engrossed in their work and more deeply affected by their environment. Few memoirs have captured this interplay of the personal and the historical as well as in this work.” –

Princeton Lyman, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Council on Foreign Affairs,  Special Envoy to Sudan, Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs,  USIP, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and U.S.AID.

About No Ordinary Life

Love, war, espionage, NO ORDINARY LIFE is a thrilling inside account of marriage and diplomatic life seen through the eyes of a newlywed in Cape Town during one of the most dangerous periods in South Africa’s modern history. 

What Mary Byron thought would be adventure in a foreign land turns out to be a political pressure cooker.  She must reconcile the dreams of a naive young woman with the realities of life in the Foreign Service. Facing heartache and hardship, Mary must redefine her fairy-tale and find out who she is on the way.

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